Review: FabFilter Twin 3

Steve Castellano reviews FabFilter's Twin 3: the latest version of its award-winning virtual analog synthesizer.

Review: Blue Cat PatchWork

Steve fires up Blue Cat's PatchWork and quickly finds out what why it's called a universal plugins' patchbay.

Review: NUGEN Halo Vision

Daniel loads NUGEN Audio's Halo Vision into his DAW and see how it performs. Read his full review

Review: Phase Plant V2

Steve Castellano reviews the updated 2022 version of Kilohearts Phase Plant V2.

Review: PSP SpringBox

Dan takes PSP's SpringBox for a spin and see how it performs. Read the full Review.

Review: Sonible smart:comp 2

Dan test all the AI capabilities in Sonible's smart:comp 2 - the spectro dynamic compressor.

Review: ACON DeVerberate 3

We put Acon Digital’s DeVerberate 3 to the test, will it reverberate with us nicely – Read Daniel's full Review.

Review: Steven Slate Trigger 2

Steve Castellano reviews Steven Slate Trigger 2 Platinum: the audio industry-standard drum replacement.

Review: Steven Slate Drums

Steve Castellano takes a look at Steven Slate Drums 5.5: A Virtual Drum Instrument Collection & Player.

Baby Audio Crystalline Review

Brennan Galley takes a look at all the features Baby Audio's Crystalline offers and gives his review on this new reverb.

Serato Sample Review

What does Steve think of Serato Sample: A powerful and intuitive sampler plugin for producers? Read his full review here.

NUGEN VisLM Review

Steve does a deep dive into NUGEN Audio's VisLM and how it can fix potential issues in digital audio.

smart:EQ 3 Review

Steve gives us his overview on Sonible's smart:EQ 3 and sees how it's AI EQ affects his ongoing tracks.

FabFilter Volcano 3 Review

FabFilter just released the latest version of Volcano 3. Check out Steve's review on it.

Acoustica Premium Edition 7 Review

Steve takes a deep dive of Acon Digital's Acoustica Premium Edition 7. Is it worth your time?

u-he Diva Review

Diva captures the spirit of five decades of analogue synthesizers. Read Steve's review of it.

Exploring Melodyne

Steve takes a closer look at Melodyne, starting with some basic practical applications and some of its more esoteric features.

Melodyne 5 Review

Steve Castellano reviews Melodyne 5, software that edits your vocals using the basic functions for pitch and timing.

Pianoteq 7 Pro Review

Pianoteq 7 Standard offers unique powerful tools to enhance and modify the sound, check out Steve's take on it.

Interview: Beyron Audio

We take some time to chat with Irfan Gusani of Beyron Audio about how he got started and his work history.

Review: FabFilter Pro-R

Steve reviews FabFilter Pro-R: is an algorithmic reverb plugin that takes an innovative approach to taming this chaos.

Review: PSP InfiniStrip

Steve Castellano reviews PSP's InfinitStrip: an infinitely configurable channel strip plug-in.

Review: Dynamics

Eric Burgess reviews Blue Cat's Dynamics: a full featured dynamics processor.

Review: Colour Copy

Frank Heller reviews U-He's Colour Copy: A virtual analog effect inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays.

Review: MB-7 Mixer

Rich reviews Blue Cat Audio MB-7: The multiband mixing console and VST/AU host with built-in effects.

Review: Pro-MB

Rich reviews Pro-MB: making multiband dynamics processing intuitive yet powerful at the same time.

Review: Late Replies

Jane Lurker gets to review Late Replies; powerful delay and multi effects plug-in.

Review: Pro-C 2

FabFilter Pro-C 2 is a high-quality compressor plug-in for the most demanding engineers.

Review: CenterOne

Frank Heller reviews CenterOne: A phantom center signal adjuster without changing the panaroma.

Review: Turnado

Frank Heller reviews Sugar Bytes Turnado: A powerful plug-in, mutil-effect Tool for OMG audio mangling.

Review: MasterVerb

Why is MasterVerb a great reverb? Check out Rich's review to read why it's a silky smooth multi-algorithm reverb.

Review: OhmBoyz

Ohmforce' OhmBoyz is an advanced stereo multitap delay. Blayne reviews the unique plug-in packed full of great features.

Celemony Melodyne

Melodyne is a tool that lets users work with audio in an entirely new way. Carlo gives us a review and tells us how he uses it.

Sugar Bytes Factory

Frank Heller takes a look at Sugar Bytes' Factory, a Liquid Mdular Synthesizer for complex and organic sounds.

Review: Transgressor

Blayne explores if Boz Digital Labs lives up to their promise of Transgressor being the new standard of transient design.

Review: Tek'it EQP8 2

Blayne reviews Tek'it Audio's EQP8 2: a fully parametric 8-band equalizer for mixing, mastering and sound design.

Review: Stereo Pack

Frank evaluates the 3 plug-ins Stereoizer, StereoPlacer and MonoFilter, that make up the Nugen Audio Stereo Pack bundle.

Review: TrackPlug

Blayne reviews Wave Arts TrackPlug: An all-in-one channel strip which features a 10-band EQ, brickwall filters and more.

Review: Equalize

See what Rich thinks of this versatile EQ plug in that boasts excellent workflow, 120db filter slope and 12 freq bands.

Review: Guitar Pro 7

Blayne reviews Guitar Pro 7: A sheet music editor & complete workshop for any level of musician to practice and compose music.

Review: LX480 & VSR S24

Blayne reviews the LX480L & VSR S24 reverb plug-ins. Modeled from the Lexicon 480L and T.C Elec System 6000 hardware.

Review: Acoustica 7

Blayne Stone reviews Acoustica 7: A comprehensive audio editor that covers dialog editing to restoration and mastering.

Review: Real Guitar 5

Does Real Guitar 5 offer a realistic sounding product? Blayne gives his honest perspective on this virtual instrument.

Review: Toxic Biohazard

Featuring a hybrid synthesis engine and warm analog modelled filter, Blayne Stone reviews Image Line's Toxic Biohazard.

Review: FabFilter Twin 2

Blayne gives his views on Twin 2: an instrument with 4 multi-mode stereo filters and an exceptional palette of sounds.

Review: Destructor

Blayne stone gives his honest opinion on this powerful distortion & amp sim modeling tool.

Review: Decimort 2

Frank Heller tells all on this CPU friendly & affordable Bitcrusher plug-in from D16 Group.

Review: Wiggle

2nd Sense Wiggle is a unique soft-synth with a strong focus on modulation. See what Blayne Stone’s thoughts are.

Review: PolyM

Fans of retro emulations of classic synths will want to hear what Frank says about this recreation of the classic Polymoog.

Review: Repro

Repro is two classic modelled synths from the 80s. Blayne shares his thoughts on these two great sounding synths.

Review: Regroover

This intelligent software separates percussive loops into separate tracks for remixing and re-sequencing.

Review: Spire

Blayne reviews Spire which is perfect for EDM/Dance tracks but can also be used for soundscapes and ambient scoring.

Review: Toraverb 2

Blayne reviews Toraverb 2, a concept algorithm reverb by D16 with early and late mixer in L/R or M/S and a built-in ducker.

Review: Late Replies

Late Replies is an 8 tap delay with built-in multi-FX and third party plug-in support. Blayne Stone reviews this delay on steroids.

Review: Synthmaster One

Synthmaster ONE is a wavetable synth with an intuitive interface laid out on one page. Check out Blayne's take on it.

Review: Crusher-X6

This granular synthesizer effect plug-in creates complex sounds, drones and great multi-channel FX for musicians.

Review: FabFilter Pro-R

With a 6 band Decay rate and Post EQ, incredible spectrum analyzer, can Pro-R pass Frank's nitpicking unscathed?

Review: U-He Presswerk

Presswerk is a powerful dynamics processor with a musical soul. Read Frank's review of it.