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Music Marketing provides the best and most inspiring music technology products for musicians around the world. The Toronto-based company has one mission: find the best music technology products and introduce them to the vibrant North American market and have fun doing it.

Our diverse staff represents many decades of experience of all sides of the music business - software, hardware and content. Our resellers are a highly motivated part of a team dedicated to bringing the most inspiring music products to the creative people who want them.

Get Inspired.

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Our Staff
Blayne Stone Marketing Administration Toronto 416 789-6856
Cindy-Maria Carder Accounting Administrator Toronto 416-789-6844
Gary Atkins Head of Development Toronto 416 789-7100
Micah Nguyen Design & Graphics Toronto 416 789-6854
Natasha Singh Accounting Manager Toronto 416 789-6843
Paul Fattahi XCHANGE / Media Relations Toronto 416 789-6849
Praveen Sajeeth Administration and Logistic Toronto 416 789-6859
Ray Williams President Toronto 416 789-6840
Sank Sanithirajah Developer Toronto 416 789-7100
Sindujan Geevakan MusicXPC Support Toronto 416 789-6857
Steven Liao Accounting Administrator Toronto 416 789-6857
Cindy Sullivan Account Manager US Toronto 416 789-6848
Marko Drexler Account Manager EU Toronto 416 789-6847
Rajiv Bethune Account & Product Manager Toronto 416 789-6862
Antonio Sage Product Specialist / D16 Group Chicago  
Ben Medina Product Specialist / Blue Cat Audio Chicago  
Bo Astrup Product Specialist / Melodyne, Wave Arts Los Angeles  
Brent Javier Product Specialist / U-he, Wave Arts Los Angeles  
Carlo Libertini Product Specialist / Melodyne Boston  
Daniel Santos Product Specialist / FL Studio Toronto  
Derek Olds Product Specialist / Melodyne Los Angeles  
Deryck Roach Product Specialist / Blue Cat Audio Toronto  
Ernie Jackson Product Specialist / Wave Arts New York  
Gianni Mancini Product Specialist / FL Studio Chicago  
James Cumberland Product Specialist / Melda, D16 Group Los Angeles  
Jerry Mateo Product Specialist / Blue Cat Audio Los Angeles  
John DeNosky Product Specialist / Melodyne Nashville  
Johnny Rayborn Product Specialist / Wave Arts Chicago  
Jon Jon Blunden Product Specialist / Arobas Music Chicago  
Luis Fuentes Product Specialist / NUGEN Audio Los Angeles  
Nathaniel Shreve Product Specialist /Fabfilter Chicago  
Rich Crescenti Product Specialist / Blue Cat Audio New York  
Tyrohne Brooks Product Specialist / Sonarworks Los Angeles  
Zach Calderon Product Specialist / Pianoteq Los Angeles