About Apogee Electronics Corp.

Apogee initially made its name with special anti-aliasing filters that solved many of the early problems associated with digital audio. Later, Apogee’s complete conversion systems pushed the envelope of digital audio quality and established Apogee as a key innovator in the field of professional digital audio. Today, Apogee converters and audio interfaces are regarded as the reference standard in the audio industry.


Apogee - Opto-3A

We take a look at the fast and easy to use Opto-3A sounds like!

Apogee - Clearmountain's Domain and a Bell

Eric takes a look at Apogee's Clearmountain's Domain: FX Signal Chain Recreated in a Simple, Powerful Plugin.

Apogee - Mixing with the Symphony ECS

In this video Eric shows us how fast and easy it is to mix with the Apogee Symphony ECS and the results that come from it.