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Unrivalled Sound & Work Flow

FL Studio

Complete Digital Audio Workstation

Music Marketing

Let's Grow Your MI Retail Business Together


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Plug-ins Made With Passion

New: ERA 4 De Esser Pro

ERA 4 De-Esser Pro is a sophisticated, yet fast and easy to use de-essing plug-in by Accusonus.

New: Sonible smart:comp

smart:comp is a synergy of intelligently enhanced time-domain compression and trailblazing spectral compression.

MMTV: FL Studio From Pattern to Song

FL Studio 20 For Pro Tools Users Part 1: Kevin Ochoa shows how to get from a quick pattern to sequencing a full song!

Panorama DAW Integration

Nektar's range of Panorama P & T-series controllers now include Nektar DAW integration support for PreSonus Studio One.

MMTV: MB-7 Mixer

Eric shows the MB-7 Multi-band workflow on a Bass synth and spices it up with VST hosting on specific bands.

New: u-He Hive 2

Sleek, streamlined, supercharged, quick, effortless workflow, low CPU usage, stunning patches – it’s all here.

New: Verberate Immersive 2

Verberate Immersive 2 from Acon Digital is a surround capable reverb plug-in based on the same Vivid Hall algorithm.

XILS 4 Matrix Part 1

Eric Burgess shows the basic techniques needed to understanding the Matrix Section within The XILS 4.

Intro to XILS 4

Eric Burgess gives a quick overview of Xils 4 to help get you started.


SOUND Forge Pro 13 improves user experience, more efficiency, stability and speed for ultimate audio production.

MMTV: Verberate 2

Acon Digital's Verberate 2 is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that simulates real acoustical surroundings.

Sonible Smart: EQ 2

Eric Burgess shows how to use the Smart: EQ 2 from Sonible. One of the best sounding A.I EQ's on the market.

Stem Limiting with Pro-L 2

Marcus Huyskens shows how to limit stereo stems using FabFilter's Pro-L 2.

Blue Cat's Dynamics

Eric Burgess showing how to use Blue Cat Audio's Dynamics as a Waveshaper.

FL Studio Live Webinar

Join this webinar for tips and tricks on FL Studio with our product specialist.

Pro-Q 3: Top 10 Reasons To Buy

Here are our Top-10 Reasons to Buy FabFilter's Pro-Q-3 by Eric Burgess. Get yours today!

New: Steven Slate Drums

Slate Drum software is the industry standard for professional drum sounds in the studio and on the stage.

New: Slate Digital

Slate Digital - World-Class Analog-Modeled Plugins, Microphones, Interfaces & Education.

New: Acon Digital Verberate 2

Acon Digital is to introduce Verberate 2 with a new late reverb algorithm called Vivid Hall.

Review: Dynamics

Eric Burgess reviews Blue Cat's Dynamics: a full featured dynamics processor.

New: Re-Guitar

Blue Cat Releases Re-Guitar: A Guitar tone modeler with electric pickups and acoustic guitars.

New: Serato Play

Serato Play is a fully-featured option for DJing with just your laptop.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13

This is audio editing for everyone. The all new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 has the tools for any task.

FL Studio Update

This is a maintenance update, focusing on commonly requested adjustments to 20.1 workflow and bug fixes.

Melodyne ARA + Reaper

With version 5.97, Reaper supports the ARA Audio Random Access 2 interface extension.

All Plugin Updates

FabFilter have released an update to all it's plug-ins, added side chain triggering to Pro-Q 3.

U-He HIVE Demo

Bruce Skerritt gives a quick demo of U-He's Hive presets: Super Fast Super Synth for Everyone.

Review: Colour Copy

Frank Heller reviews U-He's Colour Copy: A virtual analog effect inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays.

New: ERA De-Clipper

Accusonus introduces ERA De-Clipper, the world’s first entirely automatic de-clipping software.

New: Bechstein

Authorized by Bechstein, Pianoteq reproduces the brilliant and powerful sound of the C. Bechstein D 282.

Update: Fazortan 2

D16 Group's Fazortan 2 is the newest incarnation of our Controllable Space Phaser, part of the SilverLine Collection.

Update: MB-5 Dynamix

Version 2 of Blue Cat Audio's multiband dynamics processing plug-in announced at NAMM last year.

New: U-he Twangstrom

Twangstrom: a flexible spring-reverb box-of-tricks, has finally been released to the public.

New: CRUSHER-X 7.5

AccSone has given lots of new features of the granular synthesis plug-in crusher-X version 7.5.

New: Samplitude Pro X4

Samplitude Pro X provides the highest level of quality for recording, mixing and mastering tasks for music production.

New: FabFilter Pro-Q 3

A new version to the widely popular and powerful EQ, click here to see where to buy.

Polyverse Guitarmass

Infected Mushroom have released a new track, sprinkled with a bit of their Polyverse's Manipulator and Gatekeeper.

Orb Composer Update

Orb Composer S 1.3.2 is ready! New features include improved plugin scans & AutoScroll when the score is playing.


The “Baby Leslie” inherits the look of the original Model Leslie 122 Speaker as a wireless Bluetooth® Speaker.

Update: RealStrat 5

RealStrat sample-based virtual instrument faithfully reproduces the Stratocaster(R) sound from both the sonic and playability perspectives

Update: FL Studio 20.1

VERS 20.1 introduces exciting workflow options, including grouping Instrument Channels, Playlist Tracks and Mixer Tracks.

Pianoteq PETROF 275

ANT. PETROF 275 Concert Grand Piano is the PETROF company flagship, bringing the authority required for concert halls.

Update: U-he HIVE

In VERS 1.2, Hive features Wavetable scanning support that can be easily selectable as oscillator waveforms.

Accusonus Voice Leveler

The Voice Leveler automatically detects distracting level differences in your voice recordings and corrects them in real-time.

Reference V4.1.9 Update

New Headphone Profiles & Increased DAW Support. Full patch notes here.

Melodyne ARA + Logic/Cubase

Melodyne 4.2 supports ARA integration into Logic Pro X 10.4.2 and Steinberg announced ARA support in Cubase Pro 10!

Review: MB-7 Mixer

Rich reviews Blue Cat Audio MB-7: The multiband mixing console and VST/AU host with built-in effects.

Review: Pro-MB

Rich reviews Pro-MB: making multiband dynamics processing intuitive yet powerful at the same time.

New: Sonible smart:EQ 2

smart:EQ 2 enhances detail, clarity and transparency of your mixes after only a few tweaks.

u-he Nerds Los Angeles Meeting

From the #uhe Nerds Los Angeles August 2018 Meetup - a monthly meetup for anything related to u-he.

Review: Late Replies

Jane Lurker gets to review Late Replies; powerful delay and multi effects plug-in.

Review: Pro-C 2

FabFilter Pro-C 2 is a high-quality compressor plug-in for the most demanding engineers.

New: ProVocative

Boz Digital Labs have concocted a micro pitchshifting plugin known as ProVocative.

Intro to ReGroover Pro

In this video Product Specialist Carlo Libertini drags a drum loop into ReGroover Pro.

Review: CenterOne

Frank Heller reviews CenterOne: A phantom center signal adjuster without changing the panaroma.

New: MSpectralDelay

MSpectralDelay is a unique creative delay plugin, which works in the spectral domain.

New: Video Pro X

Video Pro X was designed to meet the requirements of ambitious and professional film makers.

New: Beatformer

Effortlessly shape the sound of your beats with 4 intuitive controls: Boom, Punch, Squash and Air.

New: FL Studio 20

FL Studio is a complete software music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

New: Nugen Audio SigMod

With 11 single-process modules, SigMod has many functions which are unobtainable or otherwise difficult to engage.

New: Sonarworks True Fi

Enjoy studio sound on your headphones with Sonarworks True Fi.

Review: Turnado

Frank Heller reviews Sugar Bytes Turnado: A powerful plug-in, mutil-effect Tool for OMG audio mangling.

New: Blue Cat Axiom

Blue Cat's Axiom is a multi effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass.

Review: MasterVerb

Why is MasterVerb a great reverb? Check out Rich's review to read why it's a silky smooth multi-algorithm reverb.

Review: OhmBoyz

Ohmforce' OhmBoyz is an advanced stereo multitap delay. Blayne reviews the unique plug-in packed full of great features.

Pro-Q 2: Blending Drums and Bass

Product Specialist Carlo Libertini utilizes the spectrum grab to EQ drums with respect to a bass guitar.

New: Boz Digital Big Clipper

Whether you need subtle clipping or heavy overdrive, Big Clipper handles it with ease.

Celemony Melodyne

Melodyne is a tool that lets users work with audio in an entirely new way. Carlo gives us a review and tells us how he uses it.

Sugar Bytes Factory

Frank Heller takes a look at Sugar Bytes' Factory, a Liquid Mdular Synthesizer for complex and organic sounds.

Review: Transgressor

Blayne explores if Boz Digital Labs lives up to their promise of Transgressor being the new standard of transient design.

Review: Tek'it EQP8 2

Blayne reviews Tek'it Audio's EQP8 2: a fully parametric 8-band equalizer for mixing, mastering and sound design.

Review: Stereo Pack

Frank evaluates the 3 plug-ins Stereoizer, StereoPlacer and MonoFilter, that make up the Nugen Audio Stereo Pack bundle.

Review: TrackPlug

Blayne reviews Wave Arts TrackPlug: An all-in-one channel strip which features a 10-band EQ, brickwall filters and more.

Review: Equalize

See what Rich thinks of this versatile EQ plug in that boasts excellent workflow, 120db filter slope and 12 freq bands.

Review: Guitar Pro 7

Blayne reviews Guitar Pro 7: A sheet music editor & complete workshop for any level of musician to practice and compose music.

Review: LX480 & VSR S24

Blayne reviews the LX480L & VSR S24 reverb plug-ins. Modeled from the Lexicon 480L and T.C Elec System 6000 hardware.

New: IndoCaribbean Samples

Indo-Carribbean Samples is an authentic Chutney Tassa drum sample library from Indigisounds to spice up your sounds.

Review: Acoustica 7

Blayne Stone reviews Acoustica 7: A comprehensive audio editor that covers dialog editing to restoration and mastering.

Review: Real Guitar 5

Does Real Guitar 5 offer a realistic sounding product? Blayne gives his honest perspective on this virtual instrument.

Review: Toxic Biohazard

Featuring a hybrid synthesis engine and warm analog modelled filter, Blayne Stone reviews Image Line's Toxic Biohazard.

Review: FabFilter Twin 2

Blayne gives his views on Twin 2: an instrument with 4 multi-mode stereo filters and an exceptional palette of sounds.

Review: Destructor

Blayne stone gives his honest opinion on this powerful distortion & amp sim modeling tool.

New: Bias Amp 2

Bias Amp 2 is the ultimate in guitar amplification technology for the most discerning of ears.

Review: Decimort 2

Frank Heller tells all on this CPU friendly & affordable Bitcrusher plug-in from D16 Group.

Review: Wiggle

2nd Sense Wiggle is a unique soft-synth with a strong focus on modulation. See what Blayne Stone’s thoughts are.

Review: PolyM

Fans of retro emulations of classic synths will want to hear what Frank says about this recreation of the classic Polymoog.

Review: Repro

Repro is two classic modelled synths from the 80s. Blayne shares his thoughts on these two great sounding synths.

Review: Regroover

This intelligent software separates percussive loops into separate tracks for remixing and re-sequencing.

New: FabFilter Pro-L 2

Updated Pro L2 is a feature packed limiter with 8 different algorithms, true peak limiting, and much more.

Review: Spire

Blayne reviews Spire which is perfect for EDM/Dance tracks but can also be used for soundscapes and ambient scoring.

Mixing with Fabfilter Pro-L 2

Bo replaces hours’ worth of automation with Pro L2 to help the dynamically played guitars sit better in his mix.

New: Accusonus

Accusonus is responsible for creating the drum loop separation software Regroover Pro & Drumatom Mic bleed removal.

New: Sugar Bytes Aparillo

Aparillo is a unique FM synth with creative features such as a multi-mode filter with specializer and orbiter.

Review: Toraverb 2

Blayne reviews Toraverb 2, a concept algorithm reverb by D16 with early and late mixer in L/R or M/S and a built-in ducker.

Review: Late Replies

Late Replies is an 8 tap delay with built-in multi-FX and third party plug-in support. Blayne Stone reviews this delay on steroids.

Review: Synthmaster One

Synthmaster ONE is a wavetable synth with an intuitive interface laid out on one page. Check out Blayne's take on it.

Review: Crusher-X6

This granular synthesizer effect plug-in creates complex sounds, drones and great multi-channel FX for musicians.

Review: FabFilter Pro-R

With a 6 band Decay rate and Post EQ, incredible spectrum analyzer, can Pro-R pass Frank's nitpicking unscathed?

New: Polyverse Gatekeeper

Get drastic gating & stutter effects with cutting edge volume modulation with Polyverse Gatekeeper.

Review: U-He Presswerk

Presswerk is a powerful dynamics processor with a musical soul. Read Frank's review of it.

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