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Unrivalled Sound & Work Flow

FL Studio

Complete Digital Audio Workstation

Music Marketing

Let's Grow Your MI Retail Business Together


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Plug-ins Made With Passion

MMTV: Pro-C 2

Eric Burgess shows how to use FabFilter's Pro-C 2 Compressor to help bring out the reverb in his effects chain.

NEW: DrumComputer

Sugar Bytes' DrumComputer is the new specialist for synthetic drums, combining classic and modern synthesis.

NEW: Serato Studio

Serato Studio is an intuitive beat maker with time-saving production features and has 1GB of built-in sounds/VST Support.

MMTV: Melodyne 4

In this video Carlo Libertini shows Melodyne 4 pitch editing tips & techniques.

NEW: Organteq

After 3 years of research, Modartt proudly presents ORGANTEQ - a new generation of physically modelled pipe organs.

MMTV: Late Replies

Watch as Eric takes us through Delay Inception using Blue Cat Audio's Late Replies delay plug-in.

MMTV: Punchbox

Eric Burgess walks us through kick drum creation using D16 Group's Punchbox.

NEW: Transgressor 2

A true one of a kind, Boz Digital Transgressor 2 goes beyond the limits of standard transient designers.


Eric Burgess demonstrates how effective the Accusonus ERA 4 Noise Remover is at eliminating noise using just one knob!

NEW: Rhythmiq

Accusonus Rhythmiq uses state-of-the-art A.I. technology to perform your beats in real-time like a band-mate.

NEW: D16 Godfazer

The Swiss Army knife of modulation effects, Godfazer is D16's most versatile & powerful modulation effect yet.

MMTV: u-he Zebra 2

See how to create oscillators, filters and modules. Eric also shows the general signal flow of the synth.

Pro-Q 3 Wins Emmy!

Congrats to our friends at FabFilter for winning an Engineering Emmy Award for their equalizer plugin, Pro-Q 3!

New: ResonHeart

Xhun Audio's ResonHeart is the physical modeling simulation of an experimental, aerophone-based acoustic instrument.

MMTV: Relab LX 480

Eric Burgess shows that Time is a parameter that can be automated on the LX 480 by Relab Development.

New: KALI Audio

Kali's Lone Pine Studio Monitors' speakers designed with one goal in mind: to get exactly the mix you're looking for.

ARA Support for Cubase & Nuendo

Steinberg has released updates for Cubase & Nuendo to extends ARA support.

MMTV: Pro-L 2

Eric shows all the different limiting algorithms contained in FabFilter's Pro-L 2 True Peak Mastering Limiter.

MMTV: Aparillo

Eric gives an overview of Aparillo by Sugar Bytes. A serious sound design tool for epic sonic cinematic creations.

MMTV: Stereoizer 3

Eric Burgess gives an overview of NUGEN Audio's Stereoizer 3: a stereo width plug-in with a clear difference

New: Polyverse Comet

Polyverse Music proudly presents Comet - a reverb with unparalleled lushness and versatility.

New: ERA 4 De Esser Pro

ERA 4 De-Esser Pro is a sophisticated, yet fast and easy to use de-essing plug-in by Accusonus.

New: Sonible smart:comp

smart:comp is a synergy of intelligently enhanced time-domain compression and trailblazing spectral compression.

MMTV: FL Studio From Pattern to Song

FL Studio 20 For Pro Tools Users Part 1: Kevin Ochoa shows how to get from a quick pattern to sequencing a full song!

Panorama DAW Integration

Nektar's range of Panorama P & T-series controllers now include Nektar DAW integration support for PreSonus Studio One.

MMTV: MB-7 Mixer

Eric shows the MB-7 Multi-band workflow on a Bass synth and spices it up with VST hosting on specific bands.

New: u-he Hive 2

Sleek, streamlined, supercharged, quick, effortless workflow, low CPU usage, stunning patches – it’s all here.

New: Verberate Immersive 2

Verberate Immersive 2 from Acon Digital is a surround capable reverb plug-in based on the same Vivid Hall algorithm.

Intro to XILS 4

Eric Burgess gives a quick overview of Xils 4 to help get you started.


SOUND Forge Pro 13 improves user experience, more efficiency, stability and speed for ultimate audio production.

MMTV: Verberate 2

Acon Digital's Verberate 2 is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that simulates real acoustical surroundings.

Sonible Smart: EQ 2

Eric Burgess shows how to use the Smart: EQ 2 from Sonible. One of the best sounding A.I EQ's on the market.

Stem Limiting with Pro-L 2

Marcus Huyskens shows how to limit stereo stems using FabFilter's Pro-L 2.

Blue Cat's Dynamics

Eric Burgess showing how to use Blue Cat Audio's Dynamics as a Waveshaper.

FL Studio Live Webinar

Join this webinar for tips and tricks on FL Studio with our product specialist.

Pro-Q 3: Top 10 Reasons To Buy

Here are our Top-10 Reasons to Buy FabFilter's Pro-Q-3 by Eric Burgess. Get yours today!

New: Steven Slate Drums

Slate Drum software is the industry standard for professional drum sounds in the studio and on the stage.

New: Slate Digital

Slate Digital - World-Class Analog-Modeled Plugins, Microphones, Interfaces & Education.

New: Acon Digital Verberate 2

Acon Digital is to introduce Verberate 2 with a new late reverb algorithm called Vivid Hall.

Review: Dynamics

Eric Burgess reviews Blue Cat's Dynamics: a full featured dynamics processor.

New: Re-Guitar

Blue Cat Releases Re-Guitar: A Guitar tone modeler with electric pickups and acoustic guitars.

New: Serato Play

Serato Play is a fully-featured option for DJing with just your laptop.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13

This is audio editing for everyone. The all new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 has the tools for any task.

FL Studio Update

This is a maintenance update, focusing on commonly requested adjustments to 20.1 workflow and bug fixes.

Melodyne ARA + Reaper

With version 5.97, Reaper supports the ARA Audio Random Access 2 interface extension.

All Plugin Updates

FabFilter have released an update to all it's plug-ins, added side chain triggering to Pro-Q 3.

U-He HIVE Demo

Bruce Skerritt gives a quick demo of U-He's Hive presets: Super Fast Super Synth for Everyone.

Review: Colour Copy

Frank Heller reviews U-He's Colour Copy: A virtual analog effect inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays.

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