About Boz Digital Labs

Boz Digital Labs creates professional audio plugins with one goal in mind: make solutions to problems. Located in the heart of central California, they are dedicated to researching new and innovative algorithms and solutions to make music production both easier and more inspiring. Whether simple or complex, they strive to find the best solution to the problems that every audio engineer runs into. Boz is not content with re-writing all the same tools that engineers have had for the past 50 years. They are great tools to have, but as computers become more powerful, Boz has the opportunity to explore areas and ideas that were not practical or possible even just a few years ago.


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Boz Master Keys

2 Upright Pianos, and 2 Grand pianos in action from Boz Digital Labs! Some with all original parts some with restoration and one is brand new!

boz Digital Labs - Transgressor 2 Mixing Drums

We look at the transient shaper by boz Digital Labs. With the ability to EQ the transient and sustained sounds easily to get the exact sound you want.

Boz Digital Labs' Transgressor Review

Boz Digital Labs' Transgressor is a hybrid EQ and transient shaper. Blayne explores if Boz Digital Labs lives up to their promise of Transgressor being the new standard of transient design.