About Baby Audio

BABY Audio was founded in New York City by a European team — but relocated to Los Angeles in early 2020. In the shadow of palm trees and the entertainment industry, we passionately pursue our vision to bring you plugins that sound good, look good, feel good, and - above all - inspire good music.


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BA-1 - 1.5 Update FX-Strip

We check out the new FREE update to the BA-1 and use its FX strip on a bass!

Baby Audio Atoms is Ground Breaking!

Atoms by Baby Audio is a one-of-a-kind groundbreaking virtual instrument capable of producing anything from otherworldly textures to rhythmic melodies and so much more.

Atoms Review

Is Atoms worth adding to your synth plugin collection?

Atoms in Action

We compose with Baby Audio's NEW synth Atoms!

Transit Texture Smoother

We use Baby Audio's transit to smooth out some textures to create better transitions.

Transit Tutorial - Keeping it Interesting

What do you do to keep a part interesting if you can't add or change notes?

Baby Audio Transit - Is it Special?

Let's discuss Baby Audio's latest plugin Transit and compare it to using traditional methods within DAWs like FL Studio Patcher or Ableton Rack to achieve similar effects.

BABY Audio Transit Review

Steve Castellano reviews BABY Audio's Transit and determines if it is the ultimate transition designer.

Transit by Baby Audio - In Action

We check out creating a patch in Transit and also how easy it is to quickly add complex signal chains to make a static sound much more interesting!

BABY Audio BA-1 In Action

A synth wave track made with only the BA-1, the only sounds that aren't the BA-1 are the kick and snare! Amazing sound and it does fantastic with the CPU.

Let's talk LIVE!... Baby Audio IHNY-2

Looking for punch, clarity, and an extra edge in your next mix? IHNY-2 is here! Join us for this exclusive live stream as we check out Baby Audio's latest update to their original "I Heart NY" parallel compressor.

Baby Audio - Space Out In Action

Spaced out does an amazing job at blending elements in and out in musical way and we take a look at how this was accomplished.

Baby Audio - Crystalline & Reverb Reversal

We do some sound design with Crystaline that allows you to reverse the tail of the reverb to get some great textures!

Crystalline Review

Brennan Galley takes a look at all the features Baby Audio's Crystalline offers and gives his review on this new reverb.

Let's talk live!... Baby Audio "Crystalline"

It's finally here! Baby Audio's Crystalline has been released! Join us next Thursday (April 14 , 2022) as we go through all the features of this new plugin LIVE.

Super VHS Enhancing Background elements

Super VHS and its drift and wash controls allows for some neat ways to thicken and blur elements to fit them into the mix better.

IHeartNY and New York Style Compression

New York style compression is super easy to apply with IHeartNY and we look at several examples in a mix.

Space Out Drums

In this video Eric Burgess shows some of the possibilities for drum processing with Spaced Out such as automating the echo's.

Let's talk TAIP by Baby Audio! Live Stream

Warm Up Your sound! Joins us for a live discussion featuring the new TAIP plugin by Baby Audio! Together, we’ll not only learn what TAIP is and how it works but why authentic analog heat can make your mixes more professional sounding then ever!

Baby Audio TAIP on Bass, Drums & Vocals

Using the new Baby Audio "TAIP" to add musical saturation and glue to instruments, Vocals and beyond.

Baby Audio - TAIP Mixing

In this video Eric Burgess shows many of the mixing possibilities with TAIP, from distorting, to compression to lo-fi!

Baby Audio - TAIP Walkthrough

TAIP is an AI driven tape emulation plug-in. In this video we check out all its bells and whistles!

Baby Audio - Instant Vibes with Spaced Out

In this video Eric shows how insanely fast Spaced Out can be used to establish a vibe and transform your track.

BABY Audio - Smooth Operator Making FM Sound Design Balanced

Product specialist Eric Burgess shows how to use Smooth Operator to spectrally balance sounds and how it can help sound design.

Baby Audio - 3 Ways to use Spaced Out in a Mix

Spaced Out is a lush wet-FX generator, built for sending your sounds and vocals into weightless, heavenly orbit. It combines a crystalline reverb engine with a wealth of modulation options and a 16-step delay sequencer. In total, more than 50 individual effects come together in a singular creative experience with endless outcomes and zero sub-menus.

Baby Audio Spaced Out Introduction

In this video Eric Burges gives an introduction on how to obtain creative effects using Baby Audio's Spaced Out. A combined a reverb engine with a 16 step delay sequencer and a slew of modulation capabilities.

Baby Audio Super VHS Instant Retro Vibes

In this video Eric Burgess adds some retro vibes to his pluck sound using Baby Audio's Super VHS plugin by combining analog saturation, drift, widening and bitcrushing.