About FL Studio

FL Studio is a complete software music production environment & Digital Audio Workstation.  Representing 20+ years of innovative developments, it has everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio is now one of the world’s most popular DAWs and is used by the most creative artists such as Metro Boomin, Soulja Boy, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Savant, BT, Deadmau5 and many more. FL Studio’s Vectorial UI allows users to experience this magnificent DAW in 4k, 5k and even 8k monitors.  FL Studio also features Multi-touch capability extended to mixer functions. Buying FL Studio not only gets you the latest version but all future FL Studio updates free.


FL Studio - Slicex Chopping Vocals

Slicex is one of my favorite ways to chop audio up and a go to way to get some cool vocal chops going quickly! We set such a chain up in this video.

5 CPU Savers for FL Studio

I have used these tips many times to quickly bring down cpu usage either for a computer for less power or so I could keep adding to the project.

Image-Line - Huge Harmor Phase Bass

How to make a big bass with some cool reverb transitional elements.

Image-Line - Harmor Sincrush Bass

We check out how to make a glitchy bass using Harmor.

FL Studio - Sytrus Big ol Lead

We make a bend lead with Image-Line's Sytrus that takes advantage of portamento, and the new reverb from FL.

FL Studio Setting up the Plug-in database

The Plug-in database is a powerhouse for speedy workflow. Taking the time to make a good one can speed up sessions greatly!

FL Studio - Huge Workflow Boosts

Here are some of the biggest workflow changing tips I have. Each of these has smoothed out or speed up my creative process a ton!

FL Studio - 5 Tips for Flex

Some useful tips for working with the powerful Flex that comes for free with FL studio.

Pure FL Studio Masterclass

Tons of workflow tips in this one. Starting from a completely fresh install of FL Studio!

FL Studio - Fruity Waveshaper 101

We deep dive into how the fruity waveshaper works and a few demos of it in action!

FL Studio - Pitch Shifting Frozen Reverb

We looks at setting up a polyphonic pitch shifter with patcher and some effects you can get when applying it to reverb.

FL Studio - Advanced Automation

In this video we go further than in our automation basics video, show off some of the new workflows possible and even automate automation.

FL Studio - 3 Creative Drum Sequencing Principles

In this video we look at some basic principles that can take an average drum loop and work it into your track!

FL Studio - Automation and Event Basics

In this video we look at automation and events, how to set them up and what can be done with these powerful tools.

FL Studio Top 10 Shortcuts

There are many workflow enhancements in FL studio and we take a look at some of the most useful shortcuts there are in FL.

Why Use The Fruity Fast LP

Knowing which filter to grab can be tricky. In this video Eric shows some reasons why you may pick one over another.

FL Studio - Sakura Pad

In this video we look at creating some pad sounds with Sakura and how its unique engine can be leveraged for this.

FL Studio - Sakura Bass

In this video we look at creating some bass sounds with Sakura and how its unique engine can be leveraged for this.

Image Line FL Studio WaveShaper for Groovy Lines

In this video, Eric Burgess shows how to dial in an aggressive setting on a waveshaper to add groove to a bass line.

FL Studio - Hot Tips for FL Studios Piano Roll

In this video, Eric Burgess goes over some workflow tips that speed up writing in FL Studios piano roll!

FL Studio - Lush Future Chord Patch using Harmor

In this video, Eric Burgess shows how to create a lush future bass chord using some tricks with Harmor.

FL Studio - Harmor Adding Character to your bass sound

In this video, Eric Burgess shows how you can add character to your bass patch easily with Harmor.

FL Studio - Neuro Sound Design using the Frequency Splitter

In this video product specialist, Eric Burgess shows some sound design possibilities with the frequency splitter.

FL Studio - Chorus Master Class

In this video demonstrator Eric Burgess shows how the chorus in Harmor works so you can use it confidently in your sound design.

FL Studio - Write Chord Progressions fast with the Stamp tool

How to write chord progressions quickly using the stamp tool in FL studio and how it can help new producers.

FL Studio - The Secrets of Fruity Send

The Secrets of Fruity Send by Eric Burgess.

Image-Line Harmor Top Features

In this video Eric Burgess takes a deep dive showing the Top Features of Image-Line's Harmor Software Synth. Harmor fans may find features shown here that they were previously unaware of!

Harmor & Diva: Jingle Bells Remix

In this video Eric Burgess shows the construction of a Jingle Bells Remix. Eric uses Harmor and Diva soft synths and takes us through his chord progressions ...

FL Studio Effects and Signal Flow

FL Studio For Pro Tools Users Pt 4: Kevin Ochoa shows how to Load Effects, Add Favorites and how to set up Sends & Groups. Buy Here: https://www.musicmarketi...

FL Studio Audio Recording & Editing

FL Studio For Pro Tools Users Pt 3: Kevin Ochoa shows how to record & edit audio inside the playlist, advanced/spectral editing + Newtone. Buy Here : https:/...

FL Studio From Pattern to Song

FL Studio 20 For Pro Tools Users Part 1: Kevin Ochoa shows how to get from a quick pattern to sequencing a full song! Buy Here: https://www.musicmarketing.ca...

Toxic Biohazard Review

Blayne reviews Image Line's Toxic Biohazard: a virtual synthesizer that combines the best of FM and Subtractive synthesis.

Image-Line's Toxic Biohazard Introduction

Toxic Biohazard by Image-Line contains a hybrid synth engine, combining FM and Subtractive synthesis with warm analog filters and FX. In this video, Product ...

Image-Line Gross Beat: Application and Tips

Gross Beat by Image-Line is a time manipulation effect for real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances. In this video, ...

Sidechaining with Image Line's Gross Beat

Gross Beat by Image Line is a time manipulation effect for real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances. In this video, ...

FL Studio - Harmor - Sytrus - Masterclass - Webinar

More and more hit records are made with FL Studio because of its unique methods and sound. Learn the basics of FL Studio in this 90 minute FREE webinar. In t...