About Guitar Pro

Based in France, Arobas Music is the company that develops and markets the infamous Guitar Pro software and the library of music scores mySongBook.com. Founded in 1997 by two guitar lovers, Arobas Music is a young and dynamic team of 14 people. From the developers to musicians to webmasters, everyone at Arobas Music is committed to offering top-quality and professional-level products, services, and support for musicians worldwide. Their ambition is to offer guitarists an ideal environment to learn, practice and compose their music. Company values are to design a product that meets the expectations of their users, at an affordable price. One of the reasons for their success is that they are always listening to their customers and make changes to the software in its functionality while maintaining ease of use.


Arobas Music's Guitar Pro 7

Blayne reviews Arobas Music's Guitar Pro 7: a complete workshop for any level of musician. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player who is looking to improve, write music, or use a virtual backing band; guitar pro 7 is right for you.