Kilohearts are creating a new generation of audio plugins that focus on workflow.
We believe modern music making requires modern tools that are not constrained to replicating hardware.

Kilohearts manufacture audio plugins for all major formats with a strong focus of minimalism and ease-of-use.


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Kilohearts Convolver Sound Design

In this video we look at Kilohearts convolver, what convolution is and how it works and how to select an impulse response that fits the sound.

Kilohearts - Mixing and Sound Design with Snap Heap

Kilohearts Snap Heap is canvass for all your FX chain needs. Use 4 effects lanes, various LFOs, Envelopes and to perfect your sound. In this video product demonstrator Kevin Ochoa explains how to use various Kilohearts Plug-Ins within Snap Heap for mixing and sound design.

Kilohearts - Creating Multiband effects with Multipass

Kilohearts Multipass feels a unique void in the market, building your own multiband fx processor with multiple modulation sources. In this video product demonstrator Kevin Ochoa explains how to use Multipass to add punch while simultaneously smoothing out your 808 Kick drums. Kevin also covers how to process Plucks to make them more interesting and sound more alive in the stereo field.

Kilohearts - Phase Plant Sound Design for Dance Music

Kilohearts Phase Plant is blank canvass for all your sound design needs. Enjoy 4 signal generators, modular modulation sources, and the snap-head host to polish and perfect your sounds. In this video product demonstrator Kevin Ochoa explains how to use PhasePlant and design .

Kilohearts - Multipass beef up the attack on your drums

In this video, Eric Burgess goes over a simple mid-band technique that can add alot of punch to your drums.

Kilohearts - Nonlinear Filter

In this video product specialist, Eric Burgess shows the nonlinear filter in action and some reasons you may want to use it over the normal filter.

KILOHEARTS Phase Plant - Creating A Crazy Noise Bass

In this video demonstrator, Eric Burgess shows how to take noise as an input and shape it into a visceral drum and bass sound.