About Melodyne

Melodyne allows editing audio as music notes instead of waveforms, so not only would you see where music gets louder or quieter but also where notes begin and end, as we’ll as their pitch. You can modify each note not only with vocals and monophonic instruments but with polyphonic ones like guitars. Working with Melodyne is like being able to say to a vocalist “sing this note a bit longer” or to a pianist “give slightly less weight on the third note in this chord”. Melodyne features a sound editor granting access to each individual harmonic in your recording to uniquely shape your sound. This is why this GRAMMY Award winning program has become a must-have in all recording studios.


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De-Essing a Vocal Track & More

Melodyne makes De-Essing easy and intuitive with its latest Amplitude balancing tools.

Timing Macro Tips

Melodyne is a great application for time stretching and quantizing audio!

Creating Vocal Harmonies

In this video, we will demonstrate important tips and techniques to get you the best possible results quickly and easily.

Editing Harmonics Sound

In this video I will walk you through Melodyne's Sound Editor and how to get started using Harmonic editing in your mixes today!


In this video, we are going to transform real drum tracks into added special effects using Melodyne's audio to midi capabilities and more.

Creative Audio Manipulation with Melodyne

Carlo Libertini introduces Melodyne's polyphonic waveform editing for creative audio manipulation.

Melodyne Tuning Vocals

In this tutorial, Carlo Libertini demonstrates vocal tuning techniques using Melodyne.

First things to do in Melodyne

If you're just getting started with Melodyne, these are some essential first steps you need to know to get better at audio editing.

Let's talk LIVE!... "Melodyne" Tips, Tricks, and open conversation.

Join us LIVE for a look into Melodyne as we explore features like audio to midi, pitch editing, ARA, and more. Melodyne is used every day across the world to edit all kinds of audio. Find out more about the Grammy-award-winning tool that has changed the way people create in modern music production today.

Celemony - Let melodyne guide the workflow

In this video Eric Burgess shows one way to get a song going by leading with melodyne and working out the song from there.

Melodyne Piano To Bell and Changing all the Chords

In this video, Eric Burgess shows some of the more extreme things you can do with Melodyne including altering the chords.

Celemony - Adding Melodyne to the Creative Process

In this video demonstrator, Eric Burgess shows some ways to add Melodyne to your project that you might not expect.

How to Trigger Virtual Instruments with Melodyne

In this video, Melodyne Expert Carlo Libertini will show how to trigger virtual instruments using Melodyne with the Audio to MIDI Conversion feature.

Melodyne Editing Rock Music

Carlo Libertini shows how to use note assignment to consolidate the energy for notes that are over detected and tempo maps his guitar to his drum track while editing his bass and guitar solo track.

Melodyne Group Editing Vocals

In this video, Melodyne Product Expert Carlo Libertini shows us how to group Edit vocals within Melodyne 4 Studio.

Melodyne De-Essing

In this video, Melodyne Product Expert Carlo Libertini shows step by step how to do De-Essing within Melodyne.

Melodyne Drum ReSampling

In this video Carlo shows how to add drums to existing drums or replace drums using Melodyne. Carlo edits drums with Melodyne in Studio One By utilizing ARA.

Enhancing Drum Beats with Melodyne

In this video, Eric Burgess shows how to use Melodyne's format shifting, pitch shifting and time stretching algorithms to enhance drum beats.

Melodyne Overtone Editing

In this video Carlo Libertini shows how to edit harmonic overtones using the Sound Editor within Melodyne.

Melodyne Studio Automation Techniques

In this video Eric Burgess takes us through automation techniques performed on harmonic content within Melodyne Studio's Sound Editor.

Melodyne Vocal Harmony Creation

In this video. Melodyne Expert Carlo Libertini shows how to create a vocal harmony track from one existing vocal track. Carlo then adds a small pitch & time variations to humanize the harmony track.

Melodyne Transforming Brass Sounds

In this video, Eric Burgess harnesses the power of the Sound Editor in Melodyne to remove Even and Odd harmonics creating different tones out of a Brass soun...

Melodyne Tempo Map & Auto Stretch

In this quick video, Melodyne expert Carlo Libertini shows how to quickly conform external drum loops with existing material using the tempo mapping and auto...