Nightfox Audio is passionate about creating virtual instruments that accurately capture the unique sound and character of real instruments. All of our instruments start with an organic, authentic sound, and then we give you the freedom to stack them together and treat them like synthesizers. Our plugins are designed for music producers, composers, and musicians who want to enhance their sound with inspiring tones and expressive performances. We spent so much energy in the sampling process to capture the nuance and detail of the original instrument, while leaning into the unpredictable qualities that inspired us.


Chill Audio Tutorial with Grand Piano Suite

We use Grand Piano Suite by Nightfox Audio to write a relaxing piano audio piece.

Plucks & Mallets in Action

Eric demonstrates creating a drum and bass-inspired track using the Plucks and Mallets instrument by Nightfox Audio.

Generate Dynamic & Layered String Sounds! with String Central

We look at Nightfox Audio's String Central and write a piece with it as the only audio source so you can get a feel for the plugin before you buy.