About Relab Development

The goal of Relab Development is very simple – to create software that can replace professional and legendary audio hardware. Relab Development was founded in 2006 after the release of the Plate, Ambience and Inverse reverb plugins for the Scope platform. Relab Development has developed for both hardware and software companies in the audio industry. Their current product line up consists of the LX 480 complete which is an accurate emulation of the Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System* The LX480 Rhall also based off the Lexicon 480L and the VSR S24 which is a stereo emulation of the high end TC Electronic VSS6.1. A number of high-end computer recording plugins will be available under the Relab Development brand in the future.


Relab LX 480 Time Automation

In this video, Eric Burgess shows that Time is a parameter that can be automated on the LX 480 by Relab Development and gives examples of what it sounds like...

Relab Development's Reverb Bundle Review

Blayne reviews Relab Development's Reverb Bundle: top-shelf reverb units accessible to the masses expanding on legendary reverbs.

Relab VSR S24 Enhancing Sampled Drums Using Reverb

Relab's VSR S24 is the first professional reverb with multiple selectable reverb engines which can completely change the overall spaciousness, color and reve...

Relabs' LX480 Complete | Adding Polish to a Vocal

Relab has meticulously recreated the famous Lexicon 480 reverb which is a staple on hundreds of records. Here is a chance to listen to it on some vocals. Enjoy.