About Slate Digital

Slate Digital was co-founded in 2008 by Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel, with a mission to create the greatest digital audio tools for professional producers, mixers, and engineers. Slate Digital is among the most respected names in professional audio, specializing in the industry’s most authentic analog-modeled DSP software plugins, as well as creating the number one selling microphone and control surfaces in the United States. The world’s most influential recording artists & engineers are among our customers, but we pride ourselves on being affordable, user-friendly, and accessible to anyone wanting to record, mix, and master audio.


Slate Digital - Storch Filter the Transition Filter

The Storch Filter mixes the effects in and out automatically and we check out how we can use that to easily make transitions.

Let's Talk... Slate Digital Storch Filter

Join us as we talk about Slate Digital's latest Storch Filter. It is an effects plug-in created together with Grammy-nominated composer, and producer Scott Storch and Slate Digital.

Slate Digital - Ana 2 Making Music

We make some music with Ana 2 along with a bass sound that is super nice!

Slate Digital - MO-TT Intro and a Bass

We cover what the MO-TT does so you can use the advanced mode with confidence and take a listen at what it can do on a bass.

Slate Digital - Infinity EQ Growl

The infinity EQ does more than just mix, it can become a tool to create some gnarly bass growls and leads.

VMR and a groovy bass

In this video we use the virtual mix rack and hone a bass to fit in the mix.

Let's Talk!... Slate Digital's "FG Dynamics!"

Ready for warmth, punch, classic tone and color? Of course you are! Join me as we explore Slate Digital’s “FG Dynamics” plugin together... Modeled after one of the most iconic recording consoles dynamics section in the world, FG Dynamics is an easy to use yet powerful dynamics shaping tool.