About Wave Arts

Founded in 1998 by MIT Media Lab Ph.D. Bill Gardner, Wave Arts develops professional audio software for a variety of markets. Their principal products are plug-ins for digital audio workstation software. The Wave Arts catalog includes products such as Panarama5 which is a 3d panning plug-in with room reflections and reverb and Tube saturator 2 which is an accurate circuit simulation of a tub pre amp. These products provide the audio processing functionality needed for mixing, mastering and audio restoration. Used by recording studios, television, and radio stations their plug-ins combine innovative algorithms with thoughtful user interfaces designed for efficient workflow. Wave Arts frequently updates their plug-ins to address bugs and compatibility issues, and provides prompt customer support via email.


MasterVerb Review

Why is Wave Arts' MasterVerb a great reverb? Check out Rich's review to read why it's a silky smooth multi-algorithm reverb.

Wave Arts TrackPlug Review

Blayne reviews Wave Arts TrackPlug: is an all-in-one channel strip which features a 10-band EQ, brickwall filters, spectrum analyzer, dual multi-mode compressors, gate/expander, extensive sidechain options, and a peak limiter.

Wave Arts - MultiDynamics 5

MultiDynamics 5 is a powerful multi-band dynamics processor with an elegant interface.

Wave Arts - Track Plug 5 - Enhancing Vocals

Dan-D enhances his artist's vocals with Wave Arts' Track Plug 5! Everything you need!

Wave Arts - How to create a de-esser

Dan-D shows us how to create a de-esser with TrackPlug 5.

Wave Arts - Panorama 5

With Panorama 5 you can create stunning 3-D effects over conventional stereo headphones and speakers. Features sophisticated HRTF, crosstalk cancelling and r...

Wave Arts "Dialog" introduction/vocal processing

Jonas "Missing Identity" Hagenvald explains the new plugin "Dialog" from Wave Arts and enhances a vocal from the singer Lulablue. ---------------------------...

Wave Arts Panorama - Creating movement in tracks - YouTube

Wave Arts Panorama is a virtual acoustics processor where you can design your own room, place speakers and the perceived sound location in a fully controlled...

Wave Arts - Harmony Surround Sound

Dan-D shows us some cool tricks with Panorama and harmony!