About Xhun Audio

Xhun Audio develops physical modeling based professional audio software. LittleOne is a faithful software emulation of one of the most legendary and appreciated hardware analog synthesizers. From its release in 2010, LittleOne had been used and appreciated by many professional composers, producers, and musicians around the world for its incredible dynamics and the beauty of its presets. Starting every new project with a couple of LittleOne instances drags users back to the analog age. IronAxe is a software simulation of an electric guitar (incl. Stompboxes, FX, Amps). Using a revolutionary physical modeling approach, IronAxe reaches all the authentic beauty and expressivity of a real electric guitar by simulating the physics of all the acoustic and electronic components found in the original instrument.


Let's talk live!... "XHUN Audio KickBeat"

Join us LIVE (July 14 @ 12PM EST) for a real-time discussion and demo about XHUN Audio's KickBeat. It is a powerful, compact and easy to use hybrid electronic bass drum generator / synthesizer.

XHUN Audio Making Music with KickBeat

KickBeat by Xhun Audio is a fast and easy to use kick generating plugin. We make some music with it!

Xhun Audio - ZeroBox Analog Bassline and 4 workflows for it

ZeroBox by Xhun Audio provides some great ways to work with an emulator of a very famous synth! Get that authentic bass driven lines going in your track fast!

Let's Talk Live!…. Xhun Audio: ZeroBox

Ready to get retro! Join us for this special live stream when we dive into ZeroBox by Xhun Audio! ZeroBox is an accurate analogue model of a legendary, iconic, sequencer-driven bass-line synthesizer that defined a musical era.