About D16 Group

Launched in 2006 and stationed in Poland, the D16 group vision was to create virtual instruments and effects for music producers who required top quality and inspiration in their music. Now they have become a premium audio plug-in vendor, only offering high quality products that set a new standard of sound perfection and take creativity to the next level. D16 is well known for creating exceptional recreations of Roland grooveboxes such as the TR-606,808 and 909 and Classic Roland analog synths such as the TB-303 and SH-201. Aside from their instruments they also have a complete line of high quality effects. They are well respected in the audio community and are the company of choice for many musicians around the globe.


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Drumazon 2 - How to Set Up & Routing

We're going to show you how to set up the routing and presets of the NEW D16 Drumazon 2!

Let's Talk!... Lush 2

Join us as we talk about Lush 2 by D16 Group! Lush 2 is a multilayer polyphonic synthesizer.

D16 Lush 2 Review

Is D16 Group's newest Lush 2 the right synthesizer for you? Read Daniel's comprehensive review to find out.

D16 Godfazer Routing

In this video we look at how the routing works in Godfazer so you can create patches with confidence.

D16 - Syntorus 2 Chorus Future Chords

Analog emulation on some nice chords can lead to some really nice full sounds to fill out the classic massive chords in a future bass track.

Intro to Spacerek

In this video, Eric Burgess goes over spacerek and covers how to quickly get a sound settled into a mix.

Spacerek Automation Technique

In this video Eric Burgess shows off D16 Group's newly released "Spacerek" reverb plug-in. By using automation and 4 instances of Spacerek, Eric creates a dynamic reverb.

Syntorus 2 Adding Bass Textures

In this video, Eric Burgess shows how to use D16 Group's Syntorus 2 Chorus plug-in to add texture to a gnarly bass sound while also making it sit nicely in a mix.

Decimort Sample Rate Automation

In this video Eric Burgess uses D16 Group Audio Software's Decimort Bitcrusher & automates the sample rate to add expressions to his bass track.

Phoscyon 303 Lines

In this video Eric Burgess shows how to create 303 basslines in a piano roll using D16 Group audio's Phoscyon 303 plugin as a sound module.

Syntorus 2 Future Bass Wobble

In this video Product Specialist Eric Burgess shows how to use D16 Group Audio's Syntorus 2 triple path analog chorus to provide gating and chorusing to a future wobble bass sound.

Phoscyon Random Bass Generation

In this video Eric Burgess shows how to use the random mode feature in D16 Groups Phoscyon to generate basslines while using the threshold dials to add variation to the gate and slide.

Syntorus 2 In an FX Chain

In this video Eric Burgess creates a smooth D16 Group Audio software effect chain utilizing 2 instances of Syntorus 2 triple path analog chorus! High quality, accurate modeled analog BBD lines.

Phoscyon Internal Sequencing

In this video Eric Burgess shows how to use the internal sequencer within D16 Group's Phoscyon Bass Synth. See how to sequence the internal patterns and how to create your own from scratch!

Tekturon Multi-Tap Delay

In this video Eric Burgess shows two creative ways to use Multi-Tap delay to spice up any track. Eric explains the Multi-tap delay process using D16 Group Audio Software's Tekturon Plug-in.

Godfazer Chorus Bass

In this video Eric Burgess uses D16 Group Audio Software's Godfazer Advanced Modulation Unit to add chorus and texture to his bass while allowing it to sit properly in the mix.

Phoscyon Juicy Distorted Bass

In this video Eric Burgess creates a juicy distorted bass riff out of D16 Group Audio's Phoscyon Bass Synth. Eric takes us through the plugin with special focus on the distortion section.

Godfazer Retro Music Creation

In this video Eric Burgess creates a retro effect on his synths by using D16 Group Audio's Godfazer modulation unit and Tekturon Multi-tap Delay.

Phoscyon's Envelope Generator | Eric Burgess

In this video Eric Burgess shows how to use the envelope generator of D16 Audio Group's Phoscyon Bassline Synth. A TB-303 emulation with some sweet extra features.

Syntorus 2 Cinematic Transitions | Eric Burgess

In this video, Eric Burgess uses D16 Audio Group Software's Syntorus 2 Chorus, on a cinematic string track transition.

Godfazer Creative Leads | Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess shows how to enhance leads using D16 Group Audio Software's Godfazer FX module. By utilizing this plugin combined with automation, Eric intensif...

Punchbox Kick Drum Creation | Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess walks us through kick drum creation using D16 Group's Punchbox. Eric first combines a click, top and tool sample with a sine wave then moves int...

Sigmund: Using Mutiple Delays On a Solo Guitar

Sigmund by D16 Group is a High-quality, flexible delay plug-in featuring 4 discreet delay units, each with its own independent set of parameters. It's like h...

Tekturon Overview and Use

Tekturon by D16 Group is a multi-tap delay effect with 16 independent high quality delay lines. In this video Jerry Mateo provides a brief overview of the pl...

Antresol On Electric Guitar

In this video Jerry Mateo thicken's up an electric guitar track using D16 Group's "Antresol" flanger Plug-in . Antresol is a True emulation of a Bucket Briga...

Quick Overview of the d16 Group "LuSH-101"

LuSH-101 is a synthesizer created from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synthesizers, all combined into a single compact and logically intuit...

Punchbox Overview and Use

D16 Group Audio's Punchbox is a Bass drum synthesizer combining synthesis, sampling and built in FX . In this video Jerry Mateo walks through all the modules...

Decimort 2 Overview and Use

Decimort 2 by D16 Group is a High Quality Bit Crusher plug-in that can be used to colorize your sound or give it that Lo-Fi gritty character popularized by o...

Toraverb 2 Review

The concept algorithm implemented in the unit allows to create practically ANY type of reverb.

Decimort 2 Review

Frank Heller reviews Decimort 2: A high-quality sound colorizer.