About Acon Digital

Acon Digital is the digital media editing product line from the company Acon AS, a company which specializes in audio editing software and digital signal processing products and services. Acon Digital products such as their Award Winning “Restoration Suite” and “Acoustica Premium” help professionals as well as beginners in their productive work and are characterized by excellent audio quality and a large set of features combined with ease-of-use. Their algorithms are consistently being refined and updated with many workflow improvements and bug fixes. Acon digital software is built from scratch for the highest quality demands and cross platform support. Customer support is fast and easy through the website’s ticket system and the developer is very active on online user forums.


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Acoustica Premium Edition 7 Overview

Steve takes a deep dive of Acon Digital's Acoustica Premium Edition 7. Is it worth your time?

Acon Digital - DeClip 2 Clean up Dialogue

In this video product specialist Eric Burgess shows the abilities of DeClip and how it can recover and improve clipped dialogue.

Acon Digital's Acoustica REMIX Tool

Eric Burgess shows how to use the Remix Tool within Acon Digital's Acoustica Software to achieve instant stem separation. Turns fully mixed songs into separate stems of Vocals, drums + bass.

Acon Digital | Acoustica Premium

Eric Burgess shows 3 amazing features within Acon Digital's Acoustica Premium. De-Clip, Spectral Sound Removal + Interpolation.

Verberate 2 | Improving Your Music

Acon Digital's Verberate 2 is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that simulates real acoustical surroundings with exceptional realism.

Acon Digital's Acoustica 7 Review

Blayne reviews Acon Digital's Acoustica 7: Acoustica is a comprehensive audio editor that covers a whole range of use cases.

Acon Digital's Equalize Review

Rich Crescenti reviews Acon Digital's Equalize: Equalize is a highly-flexible, transparent, and powerful digital EQ. Let’s peek under the hood and see how Equalize stands out.