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Music Software Summer Sale

Get ready to groove into the summer of 2024 with some hot music software deals!

IK Loaner Program

IK Multimedia Precision 5 & 6 speakers are available to be loaned out to customers to try before buying, learn more here.

MMTV: Vocal AI Remixes with Synthesizer V

We take a dive into the new possibilities of remixing vocals with AI vocalists from Synthesizer V Studio from Dreamtonics!

NEW: Pianoteq Bösendorfer 280VC

Authorized by Bösendorfer, the physical model of Pianoteq faithfully captures the rich resonance and dynamic spectrum of the instrument.

NEW: Kuassa Efektor Echolyte

Kuassa Efektor Echolyte captures the essence from three most sought analog delay pedals, offering a distinct tone with smooth, musical repeats.

MMTV: Synthesizer V

We look at AI vocalists made in Synthesizer V by Dreamtonics and how to use it to create a full-on track!

NEW Brand: AEJuice

The AEJuice motion graphics company develops animation tools that video editing professionals can use as easy-to-install plugins and presets.

NEW Brand: Dreamtonics

Dreamtonics brings cutting-edge AI vocal synthesis to music creators with Synthesizer V.

NEW Brand: Ear Candy Technologies

Ear Candy is an alternative that offers brand new plug-in proposals with different sound processing effects, modules and unique interfaces.

NEW: D16 Nithonat 2

D16 Group Audio Software is proud to release the second generation of its acclaimed Nithonat Drum Machine instrument.

Musotalk: Vocals mischen mit FabFilter Plugins

Ich zeige euch wie ich Vocals abmischen und dabei in Cubase mit den FabFilter Plugins arbeite.

MMTV: Boz Master Key Collection

From majestic grand pianos to old clunky beaters, Boz Digital's Master Keys brings the entire piano family together under one roof.

NEW: Upright & EPs

Nightfox Audio's Uprights and EPs is a stack of 11 of our favorite vintage electric and upright pianos.

Music Marketing turns 33!

Happy 33rd anniversary to Music Marketing and all our friends and partners who helped us get here.

NEW: Boom Jungle & Rainforest

Boom Library's TROPICAL JUNGLE is a must have library if you need quality ambiences for dense, thick, lively, nature, or even otherworldly environments.

NEW: PSP Flare

PSP Flare (originally PSP Flow*) is a new kind of psycho-acoustic compressor that provides exceptional volume consistency.

MMTV: Recording in Sequoia

MAGIX Sequoia is a flagship mastering, post-production, broadcasting suite, and also an amazing recording and editing application.

NEW: Nightfox Brass Stacks

Nightfox's Brass Stacks is a fully customizable combination of 13 uniquely sampled brass textures.

NEW: Modalics

Highly Detailed Sampled Drums — Modalics specializes in uniquely inspiring plugins for music composition & production.

NEW: Melda PowerStrings

PowerStrings is an MSoundFactory instrument for symphonic strings explicitly tailored for the demands of modern pop or cinematic production.

MMTV: Lexicon PSP 42

We do gain staging with the PSP Lexicon of all things! Its modeled path lends itself well to pushing the envelope.

NEW: Kuassa Grandmaster

Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster is a plugin that captures the tones of three legendary Marshall* distortion pedals.

MMTV: Revolta Intro with Sequoia

Revolta 2 is an FM synth in Sequoia Pro and we take a look at getting the basics going so you can augment sounds.

NEW: FabFilter 20th Anniversary

Our friends at FabFilter is celebrating 20 years of excellence and we celebrated with them in Amsterdam!

NEW: MAGIX Video Pro X16

The new AI features in Video Pro X make video editing significantly easier, including audio commentaries & subtitles.

MMTV: Sonible pure:unmask

We use Sonible's latest pure:unmask to change up the drum and bass mix in a track!

MMTV: TOP 5 FabFilter Plugins

FabFilter turns 20 this month so we take a look at our top five FabFilter favorites!

NEW: Boz All Piano Bundles

Boz Digital All Piano Bundle includes both Uprights and New York Ls in one package.

NEW: Everything Acoustic & Retro Synthstack

Nightfox Audio has released two new instruments plugins called Everything Acoustic and Retro Synthstack.

NEW: Boom Library Casual UI

Crafted for menu navigation, gameplay, rewards, and more to cover the core aspects of any casual game, video, or mobile experience.

MMTV: Sequoia Navigation

Sequoia Pro has a ton of options for navigating, we look at the big ones from hotkeys to snapping views to markers!

Don't Curate, List All Digital Music Products

Don't curate, list all products on your web store to maximize visibility, and improve user experience.

Musotalk: FabFilter Saturn 2

Mit Verzerrungen kann man auch Drums prägnanter machen. Wie?


TAL-Pha is an instrument plug-in that emulates the sound of the analog 80's synthesizer Alpha Juno II (MKS-50 is the rack version).

NEW: pure:unmask

Sonible pure:unmask reduces frequency clashes between two tracks competing for attention and creates clarity with spectral unmasking.

MMTV: Sequoia Drum Sequencing

A workflow for sequencing drums in Sequoia!

MMTV: BA-1 Update

Eric Burgess checks out the FREE update to Baby Audio's BA-1 and use its new FX strip on a bass!

NEW: Sound Forge 18

MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 18 Suite is the all-round toolbox for every step in audio production.

MMTV: PatchWork Update

PatchWork from Blue Cat Audio will elevate your typical insets slots into a professional path bay.

NEW: Waves Audio

Music Marketing is proud to announce that we're now distributing Waves Audio.

MMTV: PSP Master Comp

MasterComp is a truly high-fidelity and feature-rich compressor plugin that is perfect for all music genres.

NEW: Sigmund 2

D16 Group has released Sigmund 2, introducing a more accessible GUI and numerous news features.

NEW: Kuassa Efektor Moon Muffin

Efektor is an all-encompassing collection of 10 iterations and mods of the big sustainer fuzz.

MMTV: Phase Plant Patch

We break down an intense bass patch and cover the sound design principles that make it work!

MMTV: Baby Audio Atoms

Lets demonstrate some of Atoms capabilities and walk you through the interface to help you get started making music.

NEW: Pad City and Analog Electrics

Nightfox Audio has released two new plugins called Pad City and Analog Electrics along with a new bundle.

Valentine's Day Music Software Deals

Create the perfect romantic soundtrack with our list of the best Valentine's Day music software deals.

Review: Baby Audio Atoms

Is Atoms worth adding to your synth plugin collection? Daniel Brashaw takes a closer look to find out.

NEW: Boom Library Alien Life

This sound collection by Boom Library offers organic and exotic sonic palettes of alien guttural bellows.

MMTV: Grand Piano Suite

We use Piano Central by Nightfox Audio to write a relaxing audio piece.

7 Ways To Keep Retain Customer Loyalty

Explore seven effective strategies to retain customer loyalty to your music technology retail website.

MMTV: FL Harmor

We dissect a pluck house patch created in FL Studio's Harmor and then recreate it from scratch.

NEW: BABY Audio Atoms

Atoms is a synth plugin that uses cutting edge physical modeling to generate an endless variety of otherworldly sounds.

MMTV: Melodne De-Essing

We will walk you through and demonstrate how to incorporate De-Essing into your next vocal editing project and more.

NEW: XHUN RawPrime

RawPrime is a physically modeled hybrid synthesizer, built from the 1970s-1980s telecommunications industry.

MMTV: Verberate 2

We'll show you how to achieve a cinematic effect using Verberate 2 by ACON Digital.

Right Track Marketing

Welcoming Right Track Marketing to the MM Team: A Boost to Sales Excellence.

MMTV: Plucks & Mallets

Eric demonstrates creating a drum and bass-inspired track using the Plucks & Mallets instrument by Nightfox Audio.

NEW: Sequoia Pro 17

MAGIX Sequoia Pro offers tools and workflows for mixing each and every kind of production.

MMTV: Vocoder Tutorial

Using FL Studio's Vocodex as an example, we'll show you how to set up any Vocoder with left-right encoding.

musotalk: Pro-MB

Mit dem EQ VST Plug in von FabFilter kann man Signale auch mit der Funktion Mitte-Seite bearbeiten.

MMTV: Timing Macro Tips

Melodyne's Quantize Timing Macro is a truly flexible and easy-to-use tool, and a little can go a long way.

Best Practices for Selling Music Software

Here are our tips for the best practices to effectively sell music software on your e-commerce site.

NEW: Blue Cat Fader Hub

Fader Hub is a network mixing console: play with other musicians thru a local network or over the Internet.

MMTV: Nightfox String Central

We look at Nightfox Audio's String Central and write a piece with it as the only audio source.

MMTV: Melodyne Vocal Harmonies

We will demonstrate important tips and techniques to get you the best possible results quickly and easily.

MMTV: u-he Hive 2

Hive 2 is not your average everyday virtual synthesizer! It is feature packed, easy to use, and powerfully flexible.


How to circle or surround an item in your video to bring a viewer's attention to it with VEGAS Pro 21.

MMTV: Transit Texture Smoother

We use Baby Audio's transit to smooth out some textures to create better transitions.

NEW: smart:EQ 4

Sonible's update to smart:EQ 4 uses AI to correct spectral issues and achieve tonal balance.

MMTV: Melodyne Editing Harmonics

We'll walk you through Melodyne's Sound Editor and how to get started using Harmonic editing in your mixes today!

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