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Kuassa LIVE Stream

Join us for a special live stream (Aug 11) when we demo Kuassa's new monster guitar amp sim! "Amplifikation Rectifor!

New: Aquatic Predators

Boom Library's Aquatic Predators is a recorded library containing all the diverse sounds of mammals of the sea.

MMTV: Melda MTurboReverb

MTurboReverb is a power house containing many verb types, we look at some of the morphing capabilities it has.

MMTV: Kilohearts Bass House

We create a nice FM based pluck sound that has the ability to be drawn out long or brought in tightly.

MMTV: Sonible smart:comp 2

Smart:comp 2 adds new features and a free form transfer function opening up the compressors ability dramatically.

Musotalk FabFilter Plugins

Mit FabFilter Plugins für Cubase, Logic und Co. kannst du üble Kollisionen in deinem Mix verhindern.

MMTV: u-he - Hive 2 Heavens Pluck

We look at making a nice atmospheric pluck with Hive 2!

MMTV: FabFilter Timeless 3

We create a patch that offers a nice morphing effect with FabFilter's Timeless 3.

买 FabFilter 肥波?买哪个?我的个人看法


Live Stream: XHUN Audio KickBeat

Join us LIVE (July 14 @ 12PM EST) for a real-time discussion and demo about XHUN Audio's KickBeat.

New: Kuassa Amplifikation Rectifor

Kuassa's Amplifikation Rectifor is a guitar amp plugin inspired by the High Gain Mesa/Boogie* Guitar Amp.

Musotalk: FabFilter Special

BEgal ob in Cubase, Logic Pro oder anderen DAWs mit FabFilter VST Plugins kannst Du deinem Mix die nötige Atmosphäre generieren.

Review: ACON DeVerberate 3

We put Acon Digital’s DeVerberate 3 to the test, will it reverberate with us nicely – Read Daniel's full Review.

MMTV: u-he Diva

Build out a pluck sound and support the track around it using u-he's Diva.

NEW: XHUN Audio KickBeat

KickBeat is a powerful, compact and easy to use hybrid electronic bass drum generator / synthesizer.

MMTV: D16 Syntorus 2

Analog emulation on some nice chords can lead to some really nice full sounds to fill out the classic massive chords in a future bass track.

MMTV: FL Studio Fruity Waveshaper 101

We deep dive into how the FL Studio fruity waveshaper works and a few demos of it in action!

MMTV: Baby Audio Space Out

Baby Audio's Spaced out does an amazing job at blending elements in and out in musical way.

NEW: Melda MTurboAmp

The coolest collection of guitar amps and distortion pedals. It's a dream come true for every guitar tone tweak-freak.

MMTV: Slate Digital Ana 2

We make some music with Slate Digital's Ana 2 along with a bass sound that is super nice!

MMTV: Acon Digital DeNoise 2

Acon Digital's Denoise 2 is a quick easy way to immediately clean out the noise in a recording!

测评: FabFilter Pro-C 2

5个贴心功能让Fabfilter肥波Pro C2成为王者级别的压缩插件

NEW: Slate FG-DS

The Slate Digital FG-DS 902 faithfully recreates the tone of one of most legendary de-essers of all time.

MMTV: FL Studio Frozen Reverb

Eric sets up a polyphonic pitch shifter with patcher and some effects you can get when applying it to reverb.

MAGIX Sound Forge 16 Live Stream

Join us with Carlo Libertini as we demo the latest Sound Forge from MAGIX on June 9, at 9PM EST.

MMTV: Slate Infinity EQ

The infinity EQ does more than just mix, it can become a tool to create some gnarly bass growls and leads.

测评: FabFilter Plugins

FabFilter Pro-L 2 限制器、Pro-R 混响器、Pro-C 2 压缩器三款插件测评 - midifan:我们关注电脑音乐

MM @ NAMM 2022

Music Marketing will exhibiting at NAMM 2022 on a slightly reduced footprint. Drop by ACC North #16308.

MMTV: FL Studio Advanced Automation

In this video we go further than in our automation basics video, show off some of the new workflows possible and even automate automation.

MMTV: FabFilter Pro•Q 3

Making something with a super saw? Then Eric Burgess has the perfect filter effect for you!

测评: FabFilter Pro-Q 3


MMTV: Sonible smart:reverb

Some options that often go overlooked: the Freeze and infinite offer some amazing spaces to work with!

Review: Steven Slate Trigger 2

Steve Castellano reviews Steven Slate Trigger 2 Platinum: the audio industry-standard drum replacement.

Kilohearts Snap Heap Live Stream

Join Carlo Libertini as we look in depth at Kilohearts V2 Snap Heap this Thursday May 26, 2022 at 9pm EST.

MMTV: PSP Audioware Xenon

PSP Audioware's Xenon is a very transparent 2 track limiter that features a 2 stage limiting processing.

NEW: SoundID Reference for Multichannel

Intuitive speaker calibration software use to measure and calibrate a multichannel setup in less than an hour.

MMTV: Apogee Clearmountain's Domain

Eric takes a look at Apogee's Clearmountain's Domain: FX Signal Chain Recreated in a Simple, Powerful Plugin.

MMTV: NUGEN MonoFilter

MonoFilter lends itself quite nicely to some expressive phase and stereo moves that can really add to short sounds.

MMTV: Phase Plant Random Texture Generator

The sampler is a great way to generate some random rhythms/textures for your next project!

MMTV: Polyverse I Wish - Dope Lead

Polyverse I Wish has pitch freezing powers that can take any audio and turn it into a pretty amazing part.

NEW: Guitar Pro 8

This new version is including new features like audio track, allowing you to add an audio track to your score.

MMTV: Xhun ZeroBox Analog Bassline

ZeroBox by Xhun Audio provides some great ways to work with an emulator of a very famous synth! Get that authentic bass driven lines going in your track fast!

Review: Steven Slate Drums

Steve Castellano takes a look at Steven Slate Drums 5.5: A Virtual Drum Instrument Collection & Player.

Melody Sauce 2 Live Stream

Join us next week LIVE (APRIL 26, 2022 at 9pm EST) as we talk and demo the NEW Evabeat's Melody Sauce 2.

MMTV: NUGEN Mastercheck

Checking your audio before releasing to streaming can sometimes have a big impact on your music!

Review: Crystalline

Brennan Galley takes a look at all the features Baby Audio's Crystalline offers and gives his review on this new reverb.

NEW: Blue Cat PolyVibe

PolyVibe is a complete re-creation of vintage "vibe" pedals and taking them several steps further for the 21st century.

NEW: TAL-Drums

TAL-Drum is an easy-to-use sampler for drums, short samples, and loops inspired by the 80's drum samplers.

Baby Audio Crystalline Live Stream

Join the discussion with Carlo Libertini as he demos and features the new Baby Audio Crystalline.

MMTV: FL Studio - 3 Creative Drum Sequencing

In this video we look at some basic principles that can take an average drum loop and work it into your track!

NEW: Boom Summer

The summer nature of North America is caught perfectly in 3D using a Schoeps ORTF rig by Boom Library.

MMTV: MAGIX - Sound Forge 16 New Features

Sound Forge 16 is out now and with it comes new features and a great new way to record your next podcast easily!

NEW: Crystalline

Baby Audio's Crystalline lets you hard-sync the reverb attack and decay time to your DAW’s tempo.

MMTV: Paragon ST Live Stream

Think you know reverb! Think again. Join Carlo Libertini as he demos NUGEN Audio's Paragon ST. March 31, 9pm EST.

NEW: Melody Sauce 2

Evabeat's Melody Sauce 2 is now a complete melody creation tool, featuring a new Sound Engine with nearly 100 sounds.

MMTV: FabFilter Pro R & Timeless 3

The one two combo of reverb and delay is already amazing, but timeless 3 really takes it to the next level!

MMTV: Kilohearts Phase Plant

We look at an FM laser patch and how to create it, including an interesting technique were the carries frequency is zeroed out.

MMTV: Baby Audio Super VHS

Super VHS's drift & wash controls allows for ways to thicken and blur elements to fit them into the mix better.

MMTV: u-he Diva Fundamentals

Eric Burgess shows you how to quickly get a useful bass and lead sound using the bite filter option in Diva.

NEW: Uberloud

Boom Library's UBERLOUD is designed to make your sounds really shine through your mix in the simplest possible way.

PSP Impressor Live Stream

Join Carlo Libertini as he demos the NEW PSP Impressor LIVE, a high precision & fully featured compressor.

Serato Sample Review

What does Steve think of Serato Sample: A powerful and intuitive sampler plugin for producers? Read his full review here.

MMTV: Baby Audio IHeartNY

New York style compression is super easy to apply with IHeartNY and we look at several examples in a mix.


In this video we use Slate Digital's virtual mix rack and hone a bass to fit in the mix.

NEW: Sound Forge Pro 16

Accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing, and deliver a polished mix with pure sound with the NEW Sound Forge Pro 16.

ACON Digital LIVE-Stream

We will check out DeVerberate 3, Extract:Dialogue, mastering and much more....LIVE with Carlo Libertini.

MMTV: NUGEN Focus Elements

We check out how easy it is to use NUGEN Focus Elements in your mix, this has stereoizer, stereoplacer and monofilter.

NEW: PSP Impressor

The PSP Impressor is an high-precision compressor designed to process whole mixes, busses or single tracks.

MMTV: Baby Audio Space Out

In this video Eric Burgess shows some of the possibilities for drum processing with Spaced Out such as automating the echo's.

MMTV: Kilohearts Phase Plant

We look at some steps you can take to quickly make a reese and the variations that are possible to you.

ZeroBox Live Stream

Join us for this special live stream when we dive into ZeroBox by Xhun Audio with Carlo Libertini.

Ray Williams Joins NAMM Board

Industry leader will serve three-year term helping to guide the global music product industry.

NUGEN VisLM Review

Steve does a deep dive into NUGEN Audio's VisLM and how it can fix potential issues in digital audio.

MMTV: NUGEN Paragon Transitions

Because of paragons ability to recalculate the response when a parameter is adjusted you can obtain some incredibly clear transitions.


INTERNET Co's V Monitor is a plugin effect designed to emulate five different types of high-grade speaker.


ZeroBox is an accurate analogue modeling simulation of a legendary bassline synthesizer that defined an era.

MMTV: FL Studio Automation

We look at automation and events, how to set them up and what can be done with these powerful tools.

Slate FG Dynamics Live Stream

Join Carlo Libertini as we explore Slate Digital’s “FG Dynamics” plugin together.

NEW: LX480 Essentials

Relab LX480 Essentials not only faithfully captures the sound of the classic 480L reverb hardware.

MMTV: Volcano 3 & Saturn 2

We dive into bass house production and a super useful signal chain with Volcano 3, Saturn 2 and the Pro-Q 3.

smart:limit Live Stream

Join us for an in-depth one-on-one featuring smart:limit by Sonible! Hosted by Carlo Libertini.

MMTV: Apogee Symphony

Eric shows us how fast and easy it is to mix with the Apogee Symphony ECS and the results that come from it.

NEW: Micro-Boom Toolbox

We emptied our TOOLBOX to find everything we could to record: Hammers, Axes, Saws, Straps, Car Jacks, and more.

NEW: Slate FG-Dynamics

FG-Dynamics captures the iconic sound of the VCA channel dynamics section featured on countless hit albums.

NEW: Blue Cat's Connector

Connector is an audio plug-in that can be used to transmit audio between several computers or application.

MMTV: Top 10 FL Shortcuts

There are many workflow enhancements in FL studio and we take a look at some of the most useful shortcuts.

MMTV: Blue Cat Remote Control

Eric will show you how Blue Cat Remote control has the ability to become a macro for multiple vst's at once.

smart:EQ 3 Review

Steve gives us his overview on Sonible's smart:EQ 3 and sees how it's AI EQ affects his ongoing tracks.

TAIP Live Stream JAN 6

Joins us with Carlos for a live discussion (Jan 6, 2022: 9PM EST) featuring the new TAIP plugin by Baby Audio!

NEW: sonible smart:limit

smart:limit offers automatic parametrization, extensive loudness monitoring and a unique set of sound-shaping tools.

MMTV: SynthMaster 2 Funky Lead

How to create a funky lead sound in synth master 2 inspired from a lot of the music Eric has been listening to recently.

MMTV: HIVE 2.1 Factory Presets

In this video we take a gander at the new factory presets included in HIVE 2.1!

NEW: Seasons of Earth - Spring

Boom Library's SPRING places the listener directly into nature, amidst a festival of birds or a gentle rain at sunset.

NEW: Slate Digital's MO-TT

Slate Digital's MO-TT is the first true recreation of the iconic OTT Preset in Ableton’s Multiband Dynamics processor.

Black Friday 2021

Check out all listed promos and deals we have for Black Friday 2021. Get these deals on your store now.

MMTV: FabFilter Volcano 3 - What's New

In this video we look at all the new features, from the modulation visual update to the new filters introduced!

FabFilter Volcano 3 Review

FabFilter just released the latest version of Volcano 3. Check out Steve's review on it.

NEW: Apogee Clearmountains Phases

Authentic plugin emulations of Bob Clearmountain’s vintage analog flanger & phaser rack modules.

MMTV - Kilohearts Convolver

We look at Kilohearts convolver, what convolution is and how it works and how to select an impulse response that fits the sound.

MMTV: Boz Transgressor 2

Transgressor 2 has the ability to EQ the transient and sustained sounds easily to get the exact sound you want.

MMTV: Baby Audio TAIP

Using the new Baby Audio "TAIP" to add musical saturation and glue to instruments, Vocals and beyond.

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