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Black Friday 2023 Hub

The latest info regarding Black Friday 2023 music production articles and ongoing deals.

NEW: Nepheton 2

Enhanced with a comprehensive effects section, Nepheton 2 further transcends the classic 808 emulation.

MMTV: Sonible smart:deess

We check out the AI Assisted De-esser and see how it can separate plosives and sibilance and process them.

NEW: Capsule Audio

Capsule is a suite of high quality virtual instruments, providing great sound right out of the box.

MMTV: Melodyne Creative Drums

We are going to transform real drum tracks into added special effects using Melodyne's audio to midi capabilities.


This is episode 3 of Kevin's music production challenge of creating an entire EP with mostly FabFilter's TWIN 3!

NEW: Boz New York L

Boz Digital Labs has released two virtual instruments that bring the sounds of 1926 and 1991 grand pianos.

MMTV: Transit Mix

What do you do to keep a part interesting if you can't add or change notes? Featuring Baby Audio's Transit.

Review: Acoustica 7.5

Daniel Brashaw reviews all the new updates and features in Acon Digital Acoustica 7.5.

NEW: Sonoris

MM now distributes Sonoris, who develops high-end audio products for the recording and mastering professional.

MMTV: Dynamic Grading

New approach to compression that looks at loudness ranges of sound and allows you to directly remap these ranges.

MMTV: Melodyne Creative Audio

Carlo Libertini introduces Melodyne's polyphonic waveform editing for creative audio manipulation.

NEW: Destructor 2

Blue Cat's Destructor 2.0 is a major update to their unique distortion and amp sim modeling tool.

NEW: Zen Delay

After the phenomena of the hardware FX unit Zen Delay, its virtual successor is now available.

Review: FabFilter Pro-R 2

Steve reviews FabFilter Pro-R 2, the latest version of their award-winning reverb plugin.

MMTV: FabFilter Pro-R 2

The Pro-R 2 is a huge update! Atmos support, impulse response import, new algorithms and more!

NEW: ACON Acoustica 7.5

Version 7.5 adds automatic speech recognition, new processing tools and usability enhancements.

NEW: Sonible smart:deess

Where other de-essers just reduce volume–smart:deess goes far deeper and creates a more natural, better balanced sound.

MMTV: Effectrix2 Walkthrough

In this video, Carlo will take a tour of Effectrix 2 and how to get started using it both quickly and easily.

MMTV: Melodyne Tuning Vocals

In this tutorial, Carlo Libertini demonstrates vocal tuning techniques using Melodyne.

NEW: XHUN WaterStream

XHUN Audio WaterStream is capable of real-time generating realistic and immersive water sound effects / textures.


Episode 2 of Kevin Ochoa's challenge of writing an entire EP mainly with FabFilter's Twin 3.

NEW: Nightfox Audio

Nightfox Audio plugins are designed to let you stack up to 12 instruments to create brand new hybrid sounds within seconds.

MMTV: Effectrix2

Sugar Bytes latest Effectrix2 is capable of a huge number of effect combinations especially suited to cinematic material.

NEW: AB Assist 2

NUGEN Audio's AB Assist is a tool for quickly comparing multiple pieces of audio.

Musotalk: FabFilter Twin 3

Mit nur einem Synthi einen ganzen Song produzieren wie das geht zeigt euch Benjamin Schwenen.

Review: Acon Digital Remix

Daniel Brashaw takes a deep look at Acon Digital Remix and see how it performs in the real world. Read his full review.

NEW: PSP ConsoleQ 2

PSP ConsoleQ is a British console-style equalizer, designed to provide an analog EQ experience in both sound and operation.

NEW: Organteq 2

Organteq 2 adds a new collection of German Baroque stops, an enhanced sound engine and new voicing parameters.

MMTV: Acon Digital Remix

n this video, Carlo will dive deep into understanding how to set up Remix to maximize your workflow and creativity!

NEW: MGuitarArchitect

Melda MGuitarArchitect is the guitar chain simulator with so many configurations that you’ll never get tired of trying it out.


Kevin embarks on a challenge to compose 3-4 songs using mostly the Twin 3 synthesizer and mixing them with FabFilter plugins.

NEW: U-he Filterscape

At the core of all three plugins is the distinctive EQ, capable of seamlessly transitioning between 8 different "snapshots".

NEW: Playfair Audio

Music Marketing is proud to annouce that we now distribute software from Playfair Audio.

MMTV: Transit - Is it Special

Let's discuss Baby Audio's latest plugin Transit and compare it to using traditional methods within popular DAWs.


From single droplets to the most heavy downpours. Get it done with RAIN – the ultimate rain generator for sound designers.

NEW: Acon Digital REMIX

Remix is a plug-in that let's you separate and remix vocals, piano, bass, drums and other instruments in real time.

NEW: Axiom 2

Axiom 2 features an extensive library of hundreds of full-rig presets for both electric and acoustic guitar and bass.

NEW: D16 Drumazon 2

D16 Group Drumazon 2's synthesizer emulates all 11 the sounds of the original hardware 909, now upgraded to V2.

NEW: Sonible pure:EQ

pure:EQ offers complete control over spectral distribution - transforming your track’s tone and character quickly.

MMTV: Melodyne Starter Guide

If you're just getting started with Melodyne, these are some essential first steps you need to know.

Review: BABY Audio Transit

Steve Castellano reviews BABY Audio's Transit and determines if it is the ultimate transition designer.

MMTV: Baby Audio Transit

We check out creating a patch in Transit and also how easy it is to quickly add complex signal chains to make a static sound more interesting!

Press: Group Technologies

Music Marketing has appointed Group Technologies as their exclusive Marketing Center for Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania.

Review: smart:gate

Daniel takes a close look at Sonible smart:gate, and will let you know why its a one of a kind gate.

MMTV: Sektor

An introduction to Initial Audio's Sektor: the wavetable synth. Get familiar with all its functions and what they can do!


PSP BinAmp is a Class A* triode** preamp emulation based on that of the legendary Binson Echorec 2 delay.

MMTV: D16 Lush 2

Join us as we talk about Lush 2 by D16 Group with veteran audio engineer Carlo Libertini.

NEW: Sonible smart:gate

Smart:gate automatically detects the presence of a chosen target source and allows to focus on this source when gating.

MMTV: Blue Cat PatchWork

Patchwork can load VSTs in Pro Tools, but it also can load multiple synths and play them on specified midi channels.

MMTV: NUGEN Surround Suite

Kevin Ochoa provides an in-depth guide to the NUGEN Audio Surround Suite.

musotalk: FabFilter Twin 3

Die wichtigsten Tipps & Tricks rund um das VST Plugin für Cubase, Logic, Studio One und Co. Twin 3 von FabFilter.

Review: D16 Lush 2

Is D16 Group's newest Lush 2 the right synthesizer for you? Read Daniel's comprehensive review to find out.

MMTV: Sugar Bytes Factory

We check out the fractal saw mode with Sugar Byte's Factory and how it can be used to create a growl lead!

MMTV: FL Studio Slicex

Slicex is one of Eric's favorite ways to chop audio up and a go to way to get some cool vocal chops going quickly!

MMTV: Melda MDrumStrip

Let’s talk about MDrumStrip from Melda! This drum mixing plug-in may be the only drum production tool you may ever need.

NEW: D16 Lush 2

Lush 2 is an easy-to-tweak instrument that helps you find hit sounds in seconds, unleashing its and your maximum potential.

NEW: PSP StereoController2

StereoController2 is designed to control, adjust, and rescue incorrectly recorded dual channel stereo tracks.

Review: BABY Audio BA-1

Steve Castellano reviews BABY AUdio BA-1: An Analog Modeled Synth Plugin that promises and delivers.

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