About 2nd Sense Audio

As a newcomer in the audio software industry, 2nd sense focuses on exploring a new interactive approach towards sound making. 2nd sense are the developers behind a series of audio processing tools, including ReSample, the tool for Vocal Removal, Time Stretch, Pitch Shifting and more. Wiggle is a dynamic waveshaping synthesizer. Most of Wiggle’s parameters can be captured as a “snapshot”. You can take up to 4 snapshots of the sound you’re working on and morph between them smoothly, either manually or automatically. It’s up to you to create subtle timbre variations or drastic transformation of sounds.The tools in ReSample are also available as individual plug-ins making it really affordable for users to enter the world of 2nd sense.


Wiggle Review

Blayne reviews 2nd Sense's Wiggle: A dynamic waveshaping synthersizer.